Store Location
We are located at
1501 North State Street
State Street x Champion Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Parking on our block is only ¢25/hour.
Free after 5 pm and on the weekends.
Telephone: (360) 296-5226
Opening Hours
Monday through Saturday
10 am - 7 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm
Last dog accepted for washing 30 min before closing.
Holiday Hours
We observe the following holidays and will be closed on:
Easter Sunday
Fourth of July
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas: 23rd, 24th, 25th
New Year's: 31st, 1st
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Employment Opportunities

Store Attendant and Bather

The job:

We are looking for a Store Attendant and Bather to represent Shake & Shine in a friendly, courteous and cheerful manner. The Store Attendant and Bather runs the store two full days in the absence of the owner, supporting self-service customers, cutting nails, handling retail, and possibly bathing dogs. The remaining day entails working with the owner and groomer as a dog bather.

  • Great customer service skills and a hands-on attitude are a must, as is professional experience handling dogs. This job is very physical and includes A LOT of cleaning. You will be exposed to dirt, mud, stink, fleas, pee, poop, and skin conditions.
  • This position requires extensive training. We are seeking a long-term employee.
  • This is a part-time job. Weekend availability is a plus.
  • The job is challenging but rewarding. You will interact with dogs and puppies daily and support humans in keeping their dogs clean, healthy, and happy. I am offering limited paid-time-off benefits.

Required experience:

  • Professional or volunteer experience working with dogs. Familiar with reward-based dog training approach. You have to be aware of dog body language and respect their needs.
  • Prior customer service and cashier experience.
  • Computer and tablet experience is required. Prior experience in running daily operations at a location is preferred.

How to apply:

Please send an email through the contact form and request an application and a job description. Please enter "Store Attendant and Bather Application" into the subject field.


We are still looking! Shake & Shine is looking for a second part-time groomer!

Who we are looking for:

  • An experienced groomer who is up-to-date in modern grooming techniques.
  • Long-term employee.
  • Able to groom dogs of all sizes. We have clients from 3 lb to 130 lb.
  • Upbeat and friendly. The groomer is immersed in our self-service facility and will have frequent customer contact. Great customer service skills are a must!
  • Kind and patient with dogs, uses positive reinforcement methods. Absolutely no dominance-based dog handling.

What we offer:

  • A part-time position with paid-time-off benefits.
  • Work in a beautiful new (3 years-old) facility with a daylight work station.
  • Modern hydraulic table and other standard equipment.
  • Paid by standard commission.
  • Bathers.

How to apply:

Please send an email through the contact form and request an application. Please enter "Groomer Application" into the subject field.