I am happy to announce that we are grooming again!

Kerry is our new groomer. We will work with you to create the right haircut that fits your dog and your lifestyle.

We accept all sizes of dogs. Please plan about one to two weeks ahead for an appointment.

We don't use cage dryers, and dogs are only at our store for the time of grooming, not the whole day.

Grooming always includes a thorough wash, brush, drying, a 360 degree haircut, nail trimming and grinding, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression on request.

White Poodle

First Visit

When you come in the first time to drop off our dog for grooming or a full-service wash, we will ask you tell us about your dog, sign a release form, and check your dog's rabies vaccination form.

Special Services

Among the special services we offer are

  • your puppy's first introduction to a grooming salon experience
  • thorough deshedding
  • accommodating old dogs and dogs with special needs
  • MadraMor Mud Treatments added to groom or full-service wash

Shave-down Alternative

Looking for an alternative to a shave-down for your big dog? We thoroughly remove excess undercoat and trim your Golden Retriever or other double- coated dogs to offer heat-relief in summer and less mess in winter without altering the structure of the coat.

Grooming Prices

Final prices can only be quoted after we have seen the dog!
They depend on size, condition of the coat, and temperament of the dog.
Small DogFor Example: Bichons, Shit-Tzus, Miniature Poodle, Havanese, Small Mixes with a distinct style. starts at $40 to $50
Medium DogFor Example: Medium Poodle, Wheaten Terrier, Medium Doodle, Portuguese Waterdog. starts at $50 to $60
Big Dog For Example: Big Golden/Labradoodle, big Standard Poodles. starts at $60 to $75
Very Big Dog For Example: Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland. starts at $85
Puppy's First VisitExpose your puppy early to grooming with a brief, fun visit where we cut nails and do minimal grooming. With plenty of treats and attention your puppy will be at ease when the time for 'real' haircuts comes around. About $35 for a young puppy
Conditioning Fearful Dogs Dogs that have developed fear of grooming can come by for brief, mellow visits to explore the grooming table or the bathtubs, receive treats or play until they are able to receive a haircut without trauma. Depends on time spent.

Add a MadraMor Mud Treatment to your dog's groom.
Small Dogsup to 20lb add $5
Medium Dogsup to 50lb add $7.50
Large Dogsup to 80lb add $10
Very Large Dogs80+lb add $15
Store Location
We are located at
1501 North State Street
State Street x Champion Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Parking on our block is only ¢25/hour.
Free after 5pm and on the weekends.
Telephone: (360) 296-5226
Opening Hours
Monday through Saturday
10am - 7pm
Sunday 12pm - 6pm
Last dog accepted for washing 40 min before closing.
Holiday Hours
We observe the following holidays and will be closed on:
Easter Sunday
Fourth of July
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas: 23rd, 24th, 25th
New Year's: 31st, 1st
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