Store Location
We are located at
1501 North State Street
State Street x Champion Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Parking on our block is only ¢25/hour.
Free after 5 pm and on the weekends.
Telephone: (360) 296-5226
Opening Hours
Monday through Saturday
10 am - 7 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm
Last dog accepted for washing 30 min before closing.
Holiday Hours
We observe the following holidays and will be closed on:
Easter Sunday
Fourth of July
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas: 23rd, 24th, 25th
New Year's: 31st, 1st
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Dog Supplies

Brushes and Combs

Grooming Supplies

We have lots of grooming tools to choose from. The brushes, combs, rakes, etc. have all been tested in the Shake & Shine dog wash. Stop by and try out different tools - we will point you to the right one for your dog's coat. We carry also specialized tools like stripping knifes, detangle combs, and long-pin rakes.

We have ear cleaners, eye cleaners, facial wipes, tooth paste and other teeth supplies, as well as detangle/coat shine spray that makes brushing easier on you and your pet.

While we of course want you to wash your dog at Shake & Shine, we also offer shampoos for special situations for home use including Skunk-off shampoo, tea-tree oil shampoo and others.

Flea Control Products

Flea Control

Fleas suck! We carry non-toxic flea defense. Wondercide cedar oil spray kills and repels fleas and ticks without harming you or your pet. You can spray it on the pet, the dog's bedding, the carpet, your furniture, or yourself. The concentrate can be sprayed in the yard to kill flea populations nesting outside. Fleabuster powder does get worked into the carpet and into hard to reach crevices and kills fleas (and other creepy crawlies) through desiccation. It is guaranteed for a year. Our natural flea shampoos at the dog wash will remove fleas from your dog without toxic chemicals.


Skin Health

Shake & Shine carries Zymox products for bacterial and fungal skin infections, hot spots, and ear infections. We also carry regular ear cleaner, ear wipes, eye cleaner and eye wipes.

Odor Control Products

Odor Control

Did your dog tangle with a skunk? Or pottied somewhere they shouldn't? In the odor control section, you will find skunk-off shampoo and skunk-off spray. Odor-removing laundry additive cleans clothing or bedding that got in contact with a skunked dog or a dog that just enjoyed a roll in decaying salmon. Anti-odor sprays take care of the smelly stuff around the house (no masking - removing) .

Shelf of Treats

Deli Dog Treats

Fancy cookies, pupcakes, bulk treats, and packaged treats! We carry treats that are delicious and healthy.

A lot of the treats we carry are grain-free and you will find unusual proteins like kangaroo, rabbit, goat, and alligator. The dogs like them and they offer alternatives for dogs with food allergies. Similarly, the freeze-dried treats we carry only contain one high-quality ingredient.

For some relaxing chewing, we have chew bones, bully sticks, duck feet, beef tracheas and more.



An ever-changing selection of toys. From balls to plush toys, puzzle feeders, kongs, to chew bones.



Bandanas in many sizes - from toy Yorkie to Newfoundland. Lots of different styles, including collar cozies. Just slip them over the collar for a new look.


We are not able to keep an up-to-date inventory on this page. If you have questions about the availability of a specific item, please call: (360) 296 5226 or email.